I’m confused by all the different diets! How do I loose weight??

weight loss

I’m confused by all the different diets! How do I loose weight??

Have you tried everything to lose weight and nothing works?

Promises of magic diets and supplements that just fall flat??

Well, here today I want to tell you what it really takes to lose weight.

It’s really basic, and I don’t want to fluff around. I could sell you on a magic supplement, or the latest magic ab crunch workout that works in 30secs a day to help you lose 200 pounds! Yeah right! That isn’t the formula that works. That just sells stuff to people who are suckered into it.

So what’s the big secret?

It is basic. You eat more than what you burn. So you want to lose weight eat less and burn more calories. That’s it! If you take on more calories than you burn you add weight. And if you take on fewer calories than you burn you lose weight. Basic right??

But there are a few things to be mindful of.

How do you know how many calories you burn in a day?

Use this calculator here:


Eat less than that.

Slow and steady over time is the way to go to do it safely. 1-2 pounds loss of fat per week is great. And a good target to aim for.

What are some problems with this?

Do you want to maintain muscle and lose weight?

Keep up the protein and carbs while dieting, however, some muscle loss in the cutting phase is natural too.

A McDonald’s burger blows out my calories and I’m still hungry, want do I do?

I see that you want to eat want you to want. And you can if you stay within your calorie count. The problem is most junk food will be high in calories. So this will have to be a small cheat meal, recommended 1-2 times per week only. And don’t go crazy on the cheat meal size. This cheat meal also helps you stick to the diet knowing that you still get some of that junk food. 90% of the time on a good diet is a great way to do it. As for it not filling you up. The thing is your stomach gets full by volume not calories. So a large salad will take up a lot of volume but not be too many calories. The opposite is true for a cheeseburger. So try to get low calorie/healthy foods and you can eat more and feel full. Also, have a glass of water with a meal. That helps to not only fill you up but helps digestion too.

How do you know what is the calories count of foods?

Just check the nutrition label and it will say.

For other foods, without labels, a quick google search will relieve the average calorie count for that food item.

What else do you need to know?

Remember what you drink will be taking on calories too. Try to stick to water, and coffee and tea without sugar.

Another thing:

You don’t need to exercise off every calorie you eat. Your body will naturally burn a certain amount of calories per day by doing nothing/ natural body functions during rest. But that doesn’t mean to be lazy and just starve yourself to being skinny. With exercise, your body will look different with the weight off then if you didn’t exercise. You know there are some people with low fat that still look muscular or toned and some that are just skin and bone. The exercise factor will help with having a more muscular or toned body composition.

The last thing to know is that your metabolism will slow with less food and you won’t burn as much. You need to keep your metabolism up while dropping calories. Try caffeine, green tea, Short duration hard cardio, exercise. Another thing would be certain supplements will help like caffeine or l-carnitine or green tea extract, or others. To learn more about those supplements http://www.examine.com is a great free resource for that. You will also need to adjust calories if you are dropping weight too fast or too slowly. If it’s too slowly cut another 150 calories per day.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Coach Tony Wall (Andarilho Capoeira)

Founder Gorilla Pump

Capoeira and Gymnastics Coach.

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