Is Your Workout Recovery Really Hard?

workout recovery

Is Your Workout Recovery Really Hard?

Do you find you are sore for many days longer than normal after a workout?

Do you find that you can’t move in the morning after a workout due to soreness?


Take it from someone who has tried everything and found some things that work and some that don’t.

Generally, with a weight lifting program afterward you can experience the awful DOMS!


What is DOMS? ‘Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness’. And it lasts for 24-48hrs generally.

Some people that are older or heavy weightlifters/ powerlifters/ strongman. May take longer than this for recovery.


I was like this. And I tried a lot of things. I’ll tell you some of the things I tried and how good they were:

  1. Strapping /taping.

    It’s not practical to do after every workout. Also, it’s not really needed unless it’s an injury. Also, a Physio told me it would be bad for you because if you start doing these things, tendons just go to sleep ( stop working) and you will have trouble strengthening them later. So only do it for injuries, or during competing.

  2. Compression Clothing / Tights.

    When I first learned about these I was a bit confused. Why do people want a thin non-weather proof wetsuit on at the gym? Do people not feel like not getting fully dressed when they go to the gym? Personally, I enjoy seeing the women in them, but I felt if I just went to the gym in them I feel like I’m naked. They hug everything, and I’m not sure if they are see through either! Anyway, For prolonged DOMS they are great. Kind of like a stretchy bandage brace (which I recommend too when needed). I wouldn’t get by without them. And a physio told me you could sleep in them too. And I find if it doesn’t get too hot in bed and they stay on then they work even better. Also, If you feel naked in the gym with them just wear some shorts or pants over the top.

  3.  Shower Post Workout Changing Cold To Hot, Hot To Cold.

    I have read that this helps skin circulation. And basically getting nutrients into the muscle including water, blood flow, protein, vitamins etc. will get the recovery working. As for this method, I can’t really say that it did much except that wife liked that I smelled better, and one time I had sunburn quite bad and by keeping the water very hot it helped get rid of the sting so I slept easier.

  4. Blood Flow N.O Supplements

    Personally, I found these to be helpful. They give a great pump in the gym, and aid in the blood flow around the body of the nutrients with will help recovery. Some are better than other though. If you would like to support us and buy one great N.O supplement click here.

  5. Ibuprofens (muscle relaxation pills from the pharmacy)

    I find these work, But…. But you shouldn’t use them! At least not for the first 48 hours. You take them and feel better but you need to get the muscle to get working repairing itself not relaxing. Physio and pharmacist people have told me not to use these for the first 48 hours after an injury or workout. It will hold you back from recovery, damage you gut (your gut leaks a little bit everytime you have one so don’t use them too much) and if you workout on them you are not ‘feeling’ your bodies signs to stop straining the body in certain ways and you are more prone to injury. If you are in too much pain in the first 48 hours and you have to have something. Have a paracetamol.

  6. Salt

    I don’t really know much about salt. I know if you have muscle cramps salt and water can help. Basically, if you need it it will help. Do you need it? Probably a blood test would let you know.

  7. Lot of hydration

    I have done this. I believe it helps a lot. Keep up hydration. Remember your body it like 80% water or something like that. My body is 80% coffee, but remember you need your water. People say ‘but hey I will pee a lot’. I say ‘so pee then’. Remember you need to flush extra toxins from your body when you work out and you are losing hydration so keep drinking.

  8. Cardio

    This is my favorite. Basically, we want nutrients and blood flow and water, and protein, and muscle sugars back in the muscle. So how could we do it? Get the muscles and blood moving! A lot of weightlifters don’t bother with cardio but it is great! Recovery faster. Get your breathing system stronger and you will lift heavier too. This has had the biggest impact, and with doing some of the others on the list alongside it it helps big time. You can walk, bike, jog, stair climb, swim. Find something you like or mix it up and keep it fresh.

Last note:

A couple of obvious things I left out are the two biggest things for recovery. You need protein. Of course. This is what will repair the muscle. Best times to take 1) every 3 hours 2)  within 30 minutes of a workout. I take it you already knew this.

The last thing, that I know will come up. Anabolic steroids. Yes, you will repair faster. I am not promoting them. But do they work? Yes. But that’s your choice, not mine. Personally, I’m staying natural and I hope you do too.


By Tony Wall

Gymnastics Champion and Competition Coach

Capoeira Athlete and Coach

Hobbie: Power bodybuilding

Gorilla Pump Founder

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