My Poo is Green??? What’s the deal??

green poo

My Poo is Green??? What’s the deal??

If you see this it may seem alarming to you. You see in the toilet bowl that your bowel motion has a green /yellow/brown colour. What do you think? Am I sick? Do I have an illness?


Am I sick?






It is not something to worry about. There could be a few reasons that this may be happening. Did you change your diet recently? Because if you are all of a sudden eating a lot of vegetables this can be the cause. Or possibly you ate something with a lot of green food dye. So if this sounds familiar it is probably the cause.

Vegeable diet



WebMD sites that another cause could be the length of time food stays in your stomach. The green colour is bile and it is used to break down fats. If you are using a lot of a liquid diet like meal replacement shakes they move through your system quicker. The poo starts out as that colour with the bile in it then changes to brown from being in your system longer. So the green colour is just that the food didn’t spend enough time in your system to change colour to brown. So this can happen with a lot of meal replacement shakes or soup diets.

The last thing is the bile digests the fats. So if you are losing fat at the moment the stored fat is being taken from the body and then burned up or metabolised and processed and that can be the result. If there is also a lot of fat in your poo then it may stick to the bowl of the toilet as well.

In should change back in a couple of days and is probably nothing to worry about if you have changed to a healthy diet or are dropping fat weight. If there are other problems with it, or it continues, it may be best to see a doctor.


See a doctor

Please note that none of this blog is considered medical advice it is merely based on research from reliable sources such as and things that happen in the fitness health industry. If you have concerns please see a doctor.

By Coach Tony Wall

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