Tools & Resources to Help Your Fitness Journey

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The Most Scientific Reviews of Supplements

– Examine

Your unbiased source on Nutrition and Supplements.

Independent, Unbiased, and Objective.


 Free Diet and Weight Loss Journal

– FitDay

They offer a free journal to keep track of your weight loss and diet.


Free Fat Percentage Calculator


They offer a free body fat calculator to check your current body fat levels.


Free Online Stopwatch

– Online Stopwatch

They offer a free online stopwatch and a countdown timer.


Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Calculator

– BMI Calculator

They offer a calculator that will help to determine how much food you can eat in a day.

They also have an ‘ideal weight’ calculator

Another one they have is a weight loss calculator

They also have other calculators on the website too.


Calculate Your Macronutrients Intake


When you are dieting or maintaining your current weight or adding muscle you need to know how much to eat. Use this macronutrients intake calculator to see what you can eat.

Calculate Optimal Heart Beats Per Minute For Cardio


This tool lets you know who hard you should be training for cardio. Don’t go higher or you might have a heart attack and if you go lower you won’t be burning many calories. 

Calculate Your Level Of Strength Compared To Your Peers 

Strength Level

This tool is great. You can calculate your one rep max, your lift weight compared to your body weight, how experienced lifter you are, and also how you compare with your peers. You can also calculate many different types of lifts.


MedSafe New Zealand

See the Classification of supplements: 


World Anti-Doping Agency Website:

See what substances are banned from which competitions. 


Ministry of Health New Zealand:

Article about going to the gym:


Fitness / Personal Trainer Fitness Career Info: 

ACC- How to Stay Injury Free in Sport – 

Nutrition – The Gutsy Athlete